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Your Membership Includes:

Individualized Relationship Curation: Over the past 8 years, we have developed a unique, proven process that allows us to discover which of our community members can most support you in your life. Throughout your membership, our team will curate dozens of connections for you. In The Human Gathering community, our members find new friends, business partners, investors and so much more. These Curated Connections are hand-picked by our Founders and team. A great deal of thought and energy goes into each and every one of them. Once your membership is secured, I will schedule your onboarding call to get this process started! 

2. Access To Our Private Member Portal: 
In addition to the dozens of hand-picked connections you will receive, our Online Portal allows all of our members to stay connected year-round. It features all of our members, as well as additional resources for the community. We love to leave room for serendipity to do its magic. And with The Portal, you will have the ability to connect directly to any member at any time. This will allow you to gain access to virtually any resource you need, in order to achieve far more and in a far more expeditious manner. Think of it as your own resource center with the added value that every single person is excited to connect with you.  On your onboarding call, we will review this more and a few quick emails from me will dive deeper into how you can use this tool during your membership.

3. Be a Part of Real Impact and Change The World With Us: 

Since The Human Gathering was founded, our community has been behind some of the most groundbreaking Initiatives to ever take place. Starting in 2017, we mounted a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to the northernmost town in the world - to rescue The Global Seed Vault, which contains the ultimate back-up to humanities' food supply. In 2019, we partnered with Rodney King's family to create a first-of-its-kind program that celebrates and supports African American Fathers. Now, we have multiple Initiatives underway that you can be a part of. We are working to bring an end to Human Trafficking, and bring together the Descendants of the most Iconic Civil rights Leaders in history - for the first time in history. As a member, you can be as involved in these life-changing Initiatives as you want. And you will do it alongside our entire community of incredible members.

4. Our Quarterly Quorums: Our members meet digitally, once every quarter. These Quarterly Quorums serve as an incredible way for us to unite as a community and accomplish extraordinary things.  Our members discuss and review each of our community initiatives and the process and next steps needed to turn the impossible into possible. They also are a simple and great way to stay connected to each other throughout the year.  

5. Escape the Hustle and Bustle, Decompress and Connect at The Ranch: 
Situated in beautiful North Idaho valley, the ranch offers an absolutely incredible environment.

As a member of The Human Gathering, you will have the opportunity to come to The Ranch, relax, decompress from the daily grind and connect with your fellow members. You can utilize the ranch for what is called "Ranch Experience". The Ranch Experience, as Wes reviewed with you on your call, is included in your membership.

The Ranch is truly an incredible place. It is a full working Ranch with horses, longhorn cattle, alpacas and so much more. The Ranch also has over 19 natural springs that feed the hundreds of acres, but also give us some of the healthiest water on the planet to consume.

Many of our members bottle some up to take home with them! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Additionally, the Ranch is available for you to book for personal and private events outside of your membership if you have any such need.