Malibu 2023

Malibu 2023

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Location: Malibu CA

Date: March 30th - April 1st 2023

The Human Gathering is a 3-day immersive experience that gathers together the top minds in business, technology, philanthropy, science, education, and the arts. Our community is dedicated to leaving a mark on the world.

Attendance is limited to 125 guests, by invitation only, taking place at a private estate in Malibu, California.

The Human Gathering was created to bring together a select group of individuals who are dedicated to leaving a mark on the world, with access to the resources to do so.

Unlike traditional events or conferences, every person who attends The Human Gathering has been curated. We spend a significant amount of time identifying our community and working to support them in accomplishing their endeavors.

We have fostered a community of incredibly influential people, all of whom care deeply about the impact they leave behind.


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